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Marilyn Hill is the proud creator of a gorgeous singing avatar named Pari Perenti, who has been an avatar of the 3-Dimensional online inworld called SecondLife.com since November 24, 2006 in SL where she has also been a Singer in SL, a DJ, a Model, and a Business entrepreneur where she has owned several of her own sims which included famous clubs called “WILD THANGS” and “Hearthrobs”, in addition to her own shopping malls with lots of famous brand stores, and she once had a boat racing sim, a wedding sim, land and shop rentals, and a magazine called “Roundabout SL Magazine”. If all of that could have been in real life, that would have been so amazing!!! It was amazing as it was, anyway, in those grids online!

Now, in SecondLife, she has her own franchise center at the Little Blue Island sim with her own creations that her ‘Pari’s Place’ Affiliate Franchisers can sell in their own stores and kiosks. See more info on this on the right sidebar. This is now her own legacy! She also sells her own creations in InWorldz.com and IMVU.com as well, just look up her avatar name of Pari Perenti on all three grids.

Also, since July 18, 2010, Pari Perenti has been an avatar in the 3-Dimensional online world at inWorldz.com where she has her own sim island there called Wild Spirit with a nice plaza also called ‘Wild Spirit Shops’, that has many merchant shops including her own ‘Pari’s Place’ and her Kiddies! Children’s Shop main stores for retail, a sandbox, an Ad Center, and The WILD THANGS Club! She also has an Affiliate Franchise now in InWorldz that others can sell her fashions and her Kiddies! Children’s Store Fashions as well! See the right sidebar for all the other merchant shops at her sim in InWorldz. Contact Pari Perenti in either world to sell those products in either grid!

In real life, Marilyn Hill, is a singer, a songwriter, a voice over artist, a webmaster, and an author of a delightful children’s book called ‘Earful Gets a Tummyful’, sold on Amazon for Kindle! Click on any of the PAGES on the right sidebar to learn more about her songs, fashions, her club, her plaza, and any books she writes. Also, click on any of the pictures on any of these pages to enlarge them in a new window!

WS Shops of IW

There are several Pari’s Place stores in InWorldz.com which features ‘Singer Pari Perenti’s Fashions’ where she showcases her beautiful gowns, dresses, and shapes in InWorldz, located at the sims listed on the picture below:

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Pari is also a wedding singer and has a nice variety of the Wedding March and Minuets and other nice songs for weddings, and she also sings songs during the reception. IM Pari Perenti in either inworld for negotiable fees, or email her at ask@pari-perenti.com to contact her in picking the music she has available to fit your wedding or other event soon, because she has all kinds of songs for DJing as well as her own songs she has written and sung! She needs a couple of weeks in advance if possible so she can put together a nice ensemble for your SL or IW Wedding or Event!

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You can buy Pari Perenti memorabilia from the Zazzle online store below!

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